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7th September 2011

Signing up for cycling

Nick and colleagues are promoting a new 'cycling manifesto' within Newcastle City Council. 

The proposal, which will be considered at the full Council meeting this evening, supports the manifesto for better cycling provision in the city promoted by the Newcastle Cycling campaign. 

In May 2010 more than 800 people signed a petition calling for safe cycling in Newcastle City Centre. Shortly after becoming Leader, Nick joined cycle campaigners on a ride around the city centre to see the issues first hand. 

The motion, being put forward by Quality of Life Cabinet Member Henri Murison, commits the Council to creating a strategic cycle network, working to improve safety measures in the city centre, integrating cycling with public transport and encouraging more people to cycle. 

Nick said: "I really enjoyed cycling round the city centre, but it was a reminder of the many hazards that cyclists face. Cycle lanes disappear mid-route, traffic light timings can be difficult and potholes can be really uncomfortable. These are all issues that the Council should consider as part of its approach to transport planning, and I am delighted to back the call for cycling to be more integrated with the Council's activities."


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